Marble Backsplash – A Great Choice for Adding Elegance in Kitchens

Do you think that your kitchen is looking a bit drab? Want to renovate it? Kitchens are the central parts of any home and hence it becomes necessary to keep the kitchen clean, fresh and in tip top condition. So are you considering adding marble backsplashes to your new kitchen? A fantastic choice, must say! Marble backsplashes make the cooking space feel rich and luxurious along with providing a natural and flawless sophistication. And if you cared properly for it, then stay assured that these high quality stones will retain gorgeousness of your kitchen for years.

Marble is an all-time favorite among the homeowners as well as builders as it is available in different patterns and colors such as white, grey, gold, black, brown, pink, blue, green and purple. And every marble piece offers a completely unique and exceptional feel to your kitchen.

Benefits of Marble Backsplash

First of all, with different types of patterns and colors marble brings elegance to your kitchen. And when these stones get polished, offer a nearly mirror like shine. It offers different appearances from different angles. Also, as each piece of marble is unique, the backsplash of your kitchen will be cent percent original. Moreover, these stones are highly durable so it is a worthy investment for a longer time.

Tips to Buy Marble Backsplashes

If you have marble flooring in the kitchen, then make sure to choose the same marble style for your backsplash, probably of a smaller size. Or if you have a marble countertops then counter up the wall with the same marble to create a consistent appearance.

If you wish to provide you kitchen a more sophisticated look then use shiny surfaces and if you want a casual look then go for rough finishes.

Marble backsplashes with lighter shades reflect more light on the work surfaces like countertops, cooking space and sink.

Always buy extra boxes of marble tiles as you might need more to create the backsplash you wished for. And it can be painful if you run out of it in the middle of a job as you will have to go back to the store and purchase more!

Polished marbles are easiest to maintain and clean, so always try to buy polished ones.

If you want to minimize the grout lines then go for large marble tiles.

You can also use marble backsplash for a brick fashioned look. For that, opt for small rectangular tiles.

We at Omega Marble & Granite provide high quality marble backsplash in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. Our experts install marble patterns that best suit your kitchen backsplash to enhance the look of your kitchen. So if you want to make us your kitchen renovation partner and install marble backsplash in Charlotte NC with us; then get in touch with us at 704-953-0109 (English) or 980-307-8656 (Spanish). You can also email us at

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